Corus Radio to Shut Down Rewards Program

Corus Radio to Shut Down Rewards Program

If you haven’t heard, Corus Radio, which owns Country 105, Q 107 and AM 770 in Calgary will be closing their Rewards Membership program on April 14, 2013. They sent an email to all members yesterday notifying people that they will no longer be offering points and bonus codes connected to their website.

You still have plenty of time to make use of the points you’ve collected thus far. They will be offering many prizes and opportunities for you to bid on things right up until the end of May 2013.

This is disappointing news, but most of us knew it was coming. So, make sure you don’t let your points go to waste and redeem your points and enter as many contests as you can!

There’s still a bunch of other radio stations with a rewards program so we will continue to help each other out by sharing bonus codes loud and proud on Calgary Radio Blog.

What do you think about all this? How will this change your listening habits? Will you still continue listen to Corus Radio as much if you’re no longer rewarded?